The agreement is aimed at website visitors,
The terms and conditions for use that target the services provided by the website.

Article 1 (Purpose)

  • It aims to define rights, duties and responsibilities of “Central City” and users on using Internet-related service(hereafter, “service), offered by the website(www.ecentralcity.com), hereafter, “Central City”), managed by Central City.

Article 2 (Definition)

  • “Central City” is defined as service, related to the website, where Central City offers a variety of information to users with telecommunications device like a computer, and also as business operator, managing Internet website.
  • “Service” is defined as behavior that Central City offers things to users for free or with charge through “Central City” website or tangible or intangible objects of behavior, itself.
  • “User” is defined as a user, accessing websites like “Central City”, conforming to terms and conditions and receiving service, offered by “Central City”
  • ‘Visitor’ is defined as a person, using service, offered by “Central City”, without singing up.

Article 3 (Specification and revision of terms and conditions)

  • “Central City” posts the terms and conditions, company name, business location, name of CEO, business license number, contact information(phone, fax) on the initial service page(entire page) to let users know.
  • “Central City” can revise the terms and conditions within limits, not violating law on restrictions of terms and conditions, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act and law, regarding the promotion of information and communication network, Consumer Protection Law like law on a call sale.
  • “Central City” makes an announcement of date of application, reasons for revision and current terms and conditions on the initial page from 7 days before application to the day of application. However, if the revision might be unfavorable to users, it should be noticed with preliminary grace period with the minimum of 30 days.
  • Things, not specified in the terms and conditions, and interpretation on the terms and conditions would follow related Act or commercial practice.

Article 4 (Offer and change of service)

“Central City” provides following services.

  • Advertise and participate in various events
  • Offers a variety of information like discount and newsletter
  • Promotes goods or service like advertisement and events
  • Additional service, useful to other users, and work, determined by “Central City

Article 5 (Interruption of service)

  • “Central City” can temporarily interrupt service when it can’t provide services because of change in business line, abandonment of business and integration with other business or inspection, replacement and trouble of Information communication device like computer or loss of communication.
  • When “Central City” interrupts the service because of reasons in section 1, it notifies users of interruption of service by positing it on the initial page of its website.
  • When “Central City” interrupts the service because of reasons in section 1, it does not take responsibility for damage to a user or third person, unless specified in related Act.

Article 6 (Duty of “Central City”)

  • “Central City” does its best to constantly and stably provide services, according to the terms and conditions.
  • “Central City” should have a security system to let users use the service safely and to protect users’ personal information.
  • “Central City” does not send for-profit advertising email to users, notifying of their intentions not to receive those kinds of letters.

Article 7 (Duty of users)

Users should not do following behaviors.

  • Register false information, when registering for or changing something
  • Make fraudulent use of other’s information
  • Change information, posted on “Central City”
  • Infringe intellectual property rights like copyright of “Central City” and other third party
  • Defame “Central City” and other thrid party’s reputation or impede business
  • Open “service”, against good public order and good morals like obscene or violent message, video, audio and other information, to the public and post them on the website
  • Use “service” for profit without agreement by “Central City”
  • Any other illegal or unjust behavior

Article 8 (Relationship between “Central City” and connected ‘websites’)

  • The ‘website’, connected to “Central City”, is defined as the case of connecting to “Central City” through hyperlink(ex, letter, image and video are included in hyperlink).
  • “Central City” does not take guaranteed obligation for service and goods, independently offered by the connected ‘website’. Users should conform to related Act, regulations of the terms and conditions, notandum, related to use guidance and “service” and not illegally interfere with business of the “company”.

Article 9 (Ownership of copyright and limited use)

  • Copyright on work, written by “Central City”, and other intellectual property rights belong to “Central City”.
  • Users should not use information, got from “Central City”, for profit or use it to the third party without a previous consent by “Central City” in a way of reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution and broadcasting.

Article 10 (Immunity)

  • “Central City” does not take any responsibility when it can’t provide service beyond its control like natural disaster and uncontrollable events.
  • “Central City” does not take any responsibility when it can’t provide service because of causes attributable to users.
  • “Central City” does not take any responsibility for less profits or damage, caused by using service and data.
  • The users, who post information, data and fact on the website, take responsibilities for reliability and accuracy of them and “Central City” does not take any responsibility for damage to users or the third party, caused by inaccuracy of falseness of the data.
  • “Central City’ does not take any responsibility for damage to users or the third party, caused by premeditation or negligence of users.

Article 11 (Advertisement, SMS, etc.)

  • ”Central City” can post commercial advertisement on the page or send email, SMS or DM to individual users to smoothly offer the best service. However, email, SMS or DM would not be sent to users, notifying of their intentions not to receive those kinds of letters. However, if it is about prize winning, beneficial to users, it would be an exception.
  • “Central City” does not take any responsibility for damage, caused as members directly join the promotion of advertisers.

Article 12 (Conflict settlement)

  • “Central City” is equipped with and operates “Customer service center” to reflect just opinion and claims, raised by users.
  • “Central City” preferentially deals with claims and opinions, submitted by users.

Article 13 (Jurisdiction and applicable law)

  • South Korean law is applied to lawsuit over electronic commerce between “Central City” and users and settlement of conflict, conforming to the terms and conditions.
  • A competent court under Civil Procedure Act would govern lawsuit over E-commerce conflict between “Central City” and users and conflict, conforming to the terms and conditions.

Additional clause(2015.11.28) 1. The terms and conditions would be enforced from November 28, 2015 and previous terms and conditions would be replaced by them.

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