SushiU M

SushiU is the sister brand of ‘Edomae’ style sushi restaurant SushiU M, which is inspired by ‘Masstige’, a portmanteau of ‘mass’ and ‘prestige’. Keeping the original brand’s traditional image, the sister brand boasts a more affordable price range and casual menu.


The perfect combination of
the future, past and present

따옴표Inspired by Kyoto, the former Japanese capital where Edomae sushi was born, SushiU creates a comforting space where traditional Asian beauty is met with a modern twist. 따옴표

Traditional Japanese
Edomae sushi

따옴표‘Edomae’ sushi refers to the highest-quality sushi, made with carefully selected seasonal ingredients and freshly cooked rice.따옴표

SushiU Guarantees
5 ‘Ri’

따옴표Shari(rice): The most suitable rice for sushi is used, coupled with homemade sushi vinegar. Gari(pickled ginger): Carefully selected pickled ginger adds a depth of flavor and taste. Tamari(soy sauce): Only the types of soy sauce that compliment sushi are served. Nori(dried seaweed): Dried seaweed suitable for traditional futomaki sushi is carefully selected. Agari(tea): to compliment the meal, teas that go well with sushi are served.따옴표

Menu of SushiU M




AM 11:00 - PM 10:00

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